Dying is better than this life

To continue going on day after day with no hope or happiness is stupid.
Death would be the better alternative.
At the big thanksgiving thing yesterday my sister in law said “it’s better than the alternative” in response to something somebody said. I don’t. Cause when your dead nothing matters anymore. He’ll is here on earth and when you are dead it’s over.

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My thoughts on life

I think life sucks personally.
Right now I am just here waiting to die. I’m 52 so it’s going to be a long wait. Unless I get lucky.
I work in a job that makes me crazy with no other choice for my life.
My husband well I should have stayed single. He thinks life is perfect just like it is. I want changes.
I’m always tired and I’m overweight.
Do not say I can change it. I have tried repeatedly to no avail.
Life sucks.

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